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Aboriginal Heroes of Fire, Food and Flood



This project will look to identify and record sites of acts of heroism by Aboriginal people towards non-Aboriginal people across Victoria from 1790 to 1930 - specifically relating to fires (including bushfires and other types of fires), famine (including the guiding and tracking of people and animals), and floods (including safely crossing rivers and or rescuing from shipwrecks).


Mapping portal

Visit our mapping portal for a visual representation of heroic Aboriginal acts across Victoria from 1790 to 1930. Mapping portal.

Visit our online 'Data table'


Download the latest spreadsheet of our mapped data here - Aboriginal Heroes Data [XLSX 115 KB]  





Acts of Heroism (15:35)

This short documentary film explores the history of emergency rescues and assistance in Victoria by Aboriginal people of non-Aboriginal people.


Journal articles

Cahir, F., Clark, I.D., Tout, D., Wilkie, B., Clark, J. (2021) 'Aboriginal fire-management practices in colonial Victoria', Journal of Aboriginal History, Vol. 45, 109-130.   


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